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Lighthouse of Hope   Apostolic Church

200 N. First Street  Bearden, Ar





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    On April, 2002 Rev. James Givens Sr. and family started a Ministry in the living room of their home. Soon , what was four or five people , they were running 10 to 15 teenagers.  During the next few months,  Rev. Givens passed a particular building in a neighboring town and would think " That would make a good Church Building" as he went by. Not knowing that, Sis Givens would pass by on her way to College and Think the same thing. Then One day while going to Wal-Mart  Sis Givens makes the statement " That would make a great church building." , Rev. Givens agreed. Sis Givens just happen to glance over as they were passing by and Saw that there was a For Sale sign in front of the building.
     So they stopped and got the number from the For Sale sign and went home to call it. Come to find out, A old Friend of Rev. Givens Owned the building and considered His offer. The building was a Mason Lodge and had not been used for quite a long time. So after much prayer, We get a phone call saying that they had accepted Rev. Givens' offer and the papers were signed On June 3rd, 2002.
     Rev. Givens and his family began to remodel and repaint the old building and make a Church for God. Every day that Rev. Givens and his family was at the building, some of the neighboring kids would stop in to help paint, scrape walls, Hang shingles, or even paint pews.  The Pews in the sanctuary were given to the church from a fellow church in Texas. The Shingles that were hung on the roof was given to us by a neighboring Roofing place. Everything they needed to make a church God supplied.
     The church has been up and running for four years now. Rev. Givens is the Pastor of the Lighthouse of Hope In Bearden, Arkansas. The church now has anywhere from 12 to 15 members in it. They have a puppet ministry, Sign team (Touch Of Praise), and a Out Reach. They have baptised 20 or more people in Jesus Name and have had almost 5 people recieve the HolyGhost.
Praise The Lord!



Deu 28:6 Blessed  shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed  shalt thou be when thou goest out.